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It's time to bring the scents you love to the place you frequent the most, your car! 


Our fragrance diffusers are the perfect accessory for your vehicle, cupboards, wardrobes and more! With a light scent lasting up to 30 days, our diffusers are the ideal way to freshen up the air without it being too overwhelming. A great way to combat those car smells like sports equipment, kids, pets, smoking and more! 


These diffusers are eco friendly too. When your fragrance runs dry, simply pour a few drops of your favourite essential oils in. 


Material: thick frosted glass, a breathable reed wooden cap, durable rope. 



Natural fragrance oil blends. 


Fragranced with phthalate and paraben free oils. 

Natural Fragrance. Diffuser

  • Warm Vanilla Bean - cassia root, tonka bean, coconut, soft honeyed butter. 

    Shiny New Car - leather, tobacco, clean

    Calm Lavender - lavender fields, rosemary, mint, patchouli, vetiver

    Apple Pickin - fresh Macintosh apple, green leaves, vanilla, bourbon, Japanese cherry blossom

    Brewed - fresh coffee beans, sweet cream and sugar

    Zen Moments - mandarin orange, pomegranate, red poppies, cardamom, amber, sandalwood

    Fresh Picked - jasmine, honeysuckle, rose, orange, bergmot

    Pumpkin Caramel - creamy pumpkin, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, vanilla, brown sugar

    Last Call - subtle masculine cologne with hints of bourbon, tobacco, cardamom 

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