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How to Pick the Right Scent for your Home

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Ah, the scent of candles. We all love them. But with so many different scents how do you choose the perfect one and are they healthy choices?

The easiest way to choose a desired scent is to shop around, pick up the candles and smell them (sniffing coffee grounds in between will clear your palette). Some will warm you right down to your toes while others may make you crinkle your nose up. What is good for one person, is most definitely not for another sometimes. Scents truly affect our lives in so many ways. Our moods, ambiance, and basic outlook on our lives.

So what smells do you like in general? Coffee, baking bread, florals, soft clean air, cedar trees or maybe no scent. Something to keep in mind when choosing a scent is the type of wax also. Certain waxes - like paraffin will carry stronger scent loads in general due to the higher temperatures it can reach. And let's not overlook the beautiful natural scent of beeswax.

Ask yourself a few questions 1) what food group do I prefer? 2) where will I be placing this candle? 3) do I want healthy choices in scents? 4) do I like florals or softer notes? Once you can answer these questions, it may narrow down your search a bit.

As a general rule - try and look for scents that are Paraben-Free and Phthalate Free. Other scents can cause health risks over time as we breathe them in. Place appropriately sized candles in any rooms to suit the size. And as always, always trim your wicks before using and never leave candles unattended. Enjoy!

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Kathleen Curzon
Kathleen Curzon
Jan 15, 2023

Love the winter wonderland wax , it literally smells like winter , can’t wait to try more . Thank you

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