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Can Candles Harm my Dog?

Just as humans love the various scents of candles, our pets can also enjoy them. One major point to keep in mind however is dogs pick up scents 10,000 times stronger than we do! To avoid problems with your favorite fur baby, we recommend using candles in well ventilated rooms.

Before you worry too much, though, on the whole, candles don’t pose a significant health risk to dogs. While it’s good practice to keep candles, especially lit ones, out of the reach of your furry friend, some candles help eliminate foul pet odors and offer many other benefits–from aromatherapy to enhanced relaxation.

If you are still wondering “are candles harmful to dogs?” The quick answer is no. But if you’re concerned about an open flame around an energetic pup, you have other options available to you to keep your space smelling sweet and inviting such as aroma melts.

Fragrances in Candles

Some candle products may release synthetic fragrances that aggravate existing respiratory illnesses like asthma in people and pets or harmful toxins, such as naphthalene or phthalates. There have been cases in which phthalates released from some burning candles were suspected to have caused endocrine system disruption, leading to other serious diseases, such as diabetes and cancer.

While some scented products should be avoided for yours and your pets health and safety, the candles created at Itty Bitty Candles are all hand poured in small batches using only natural, chemical free ingredients. You will get a slow, clean burn with each of our candles.

Beware of Essential Oils in Candles

Poisonous candle ingredients to watch for are essential oils.

They're often used to give candles strong, delicious scents. Unfortunately, essential oils are very toxic to dogs. VCA Ark Animal Hospital says wintergreen, tea tree, peppermint, pine, sweet birch, cinnamon and citrus essential oils are some of the most harmful kinds.

Essential oils are designed to be used with carrier oils in other skincare type p

roducts and in diffusers with a mist. These oils are not to be heated at high temperatures like you will get by burning them in candles. In doing so you can create toxic fumes that are not only harmful to humans but also pets.

Bottom Line

If you’re a candle lover or someone who likes to diffuse their home with scented oils, with the proper safety precautions, you can fill your home with beautiful aromas posing no health risks to your dog. When you purchase an Itty Bitty Candle, be assured all of our ingredients are non-toxic and free of lead, paraben, phthalates or imitation fragrances to keep your home smelling great and your dog happy and healthy.

Itty Bitty Candles

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