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Smells like: Warm, breezy summer days spent running through the yard as freshly washed clothes blow softly in the wind. Bedtime rolls around as you crawl under crisp sheets and drift off in the comforting fragrances. 


Fragrance blends:

Mango, lemon zest, orange, peach blossom, musk and clove.

100% Organic Soy Wax Blend


Fragranced with Chemical, Phthalate & Paraben Free natural oils. 

Cotton wick. 


35-45 Hour Burn time (approx.)


8 oz. Glass Jar with Distressed Metal Lid.


Candle Care Instructions for Optimal Performance
Enjoy the full benefits of your candle by following these simple steps:


  • Before lighting the candle, trim all wicks to ¼”.
  • Light all wicks and wait until there's an even layer of melted wax across the top. This sets a memory in your wax to always burn to the outer edges of the candle, instead of burning straight down the wick (aka. tunneling)
  • To extinguish the flame, always use a candle snuffer or dipper.
  • Remember to trim the wick or remove the “bud” before each re-light.
  • Lastly, never leave your candle unattended.

Grandma's House - Clothesline.

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