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  • Can I put your products in my store to sell?
    Yes! We would be more than happy to discuss having our beautiful products in your shop. Please contact us to discuss this more. Our email address is: Itty Bitty Candles
  • Are your products really all natural?
    Yes. We do our absolute best to ensure all of our ingredients are all natural and in the event there is something that is not, we will always be transparent about that. Our fragrances are premium and contain no parabens or phthalates. The only wax we use is soy/coconut blends that are organic, vegan and cruelty free. Wicks are 100% cotton with no lead centres and wood wicks for some. Itty Bitty Candles
  • Do you take custom orders?
    Absolutely! We have done numerous custom orders and love that you put the trust in us to come up with something beautiful. Please contact us to discuss your ideas.
  • What can I do with the vessels when my candles are done?
    Great question! We have worked hard to source adorable, practical vessels for our candles. Each one can be used after your beautiful candles are done burning in so many useful ways. Because our candles are made with organic soy wax you can wash it relatively easy with soap and water. For the jars: simply place each jar (no lid), upside down on a parchment lined cookie sheet in the oven at 190F and the wax will slowly melt down onto the paper. When you see barely anything left in the jar, carefully remove it from the oven and using oven mitts to hold the jar, wipe the inside out with paper towels carefully. Leave to cool a bit and then wash with warm soap and water. For the tins: place in the sink and put hot, hot water inside to sit. Once you see the wax melting off, carefully drain the bit of water and with paper towels wipe the melted wax out. Wash with warm soapy water and dry well. Itty Bitty Candles
  • How can I book a candle pouring workshop?
    We absolutely LOVE doing the workshops! Whether you are a business or for personal, we can modify each workshop to fit to what you want. Team building, girl time, birthdays, wedding showers, anniversaries, couples nights, etc. If you have a business that holds workshops and you are looking for something uniquely fun - this is it!!! We bring everything needed for the workshop so all you do is provide the people and setting. You can email us at: for more information. Itty Bitty Candles
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